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    Full test suite solution
    • Global service

      Each pass controls the best test system provider for global mobile ter...

    • Mobile terminal test

      At present, the clients of the TT & C service are all internationa...

    • Professional equipme

      14 years of testing, professional accumulation, strong market team, st...

    Full test suite solution
    About us
    Established in 2002 and be a public company in New-Three-Board (an over-the-counter market for growing up company) in Oct. 2015, with an excellent team of professional technical talents and ser vice talents, Guangdong Mountain Industry Co., Ltd. focus on providing one-stop solution for automatic and intelligent manufacture of smar t terminals, which mainly produce various kinds of assembly and testing fixtures, jigs and equipment. With R&D and manufacture headquar ter located in famous Dongguan city Guangdong province and three subsidiaries lied in Beijing city, Suzhou city and Wuhan city in China, Mountain offer satisfied and customized ser vice for customer all the time.

    Mountain measurement and control partici...


    The annual second cellphone manufacturing technology and automation exhibition, in May 17, 2018, Dongguan Houjie Convention Center successfully fell ...



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